Tips to improve your swing

  1. Maintain a low-neutral hands posture

Limiting the follow-through height will effectively reduce the height of your shots. The lower the hands, the lower the ball-flight.

You may leave your arms loosely hanging at your sides, so you get to see your hands. Notice how they are naturally angled; then you will easily see your index finger knuckle and a part of your middle finger one. By duplicating this "neutral hands position" when gripping your club, you will get to square its clubface in a more consistent and genuine manner when you swing. Therefore, it will definitely increase your chances of impacting the ball where it should, right at the center of the club head.

  1. Relax your wrists

This is a basic step to improve your swing, due that it enables your wrists to turn with the momentum of your club during your swing, and also helps you to keep control and better your speed.

  1. Do not force it

Feel like you are putting every ounce of strength into every swing?

As a matter of fact, the dreaded rough is a scourge for almost all golf beginners, and it has actually ensnared many players. So, measure your strength until you have a greater control over your arc and accuracy.  Once you find the indicate effort, you will witness how your ball travels its longest distances!

  1. Turn your back

A very common mistake that most golfers tend to make, -especially amateurs-, is to forget turning their back and shoulders when driving the ball; thus, the most recommended thing to do is to turn your back a full 90 degrees spin. This way, you will readily allow your back and club to change directions by facing forward. With this simple maneuver, your body will be empowered to give its greatest swing with the least amount of effort.

Tips to improve your swing

  1. Raise the tee

If you are using a low or a mid tee, you might consider switching to a high one to drive the ball farther. You will be less likely to scrape the ground when you swing; and while you may not perceive an automatic difference, this minor adjustment would worth a try to increase your distance.

  1. Exercise off the green

Besides helping your health, exercising outside the green helps your game. Consider then to increase strength training exercises in order to improve your arms strength, work your chest, core, shoulders and back muscles. Improving your muscle definition will provide you more power to drive balls farther than ever before. Some of the best exercises to consider include planks, leg raises and chest crunches.

  1. Choose proper-sized clubs

Clubs should be the same length as the distance from the tips of your fingers to the ground when your arms are at your side. Size is quite important for maintaining a proper swing the whole way through.

  1. Relax

After several years of regular playing, practice and possibly professional instruction, you will very likely have developed a personal swing style. But be careful, it is pretty easy to over-think technique while playing and ruin your game.

    When you realize you have become your own worst enemy, remember the golden rule of golf: 'relax'. The best thing you can do for improving your swing is to practice, practice and practice. When you cannot make it on the green, practice putting at home or go to a driving range to help perfect your swing. When you are ready to hit the green, SQN Golf offers you the best options.


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